Lecture Notes
on Mathematical Logic

Dimiter Skordev

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Sofia University



The present lecture notes (in Bulgarian, HTML format) are based on lecture courses given during the academic years 1997-1998 and 1998-1999 (mainly on notes from them written in ChiWriter format by Plamen Koev), however certain modifications and additions may arise as time goes by, and sometimes also certain misprints or other oversights have to be corrected. The notes consist of a system of linked texts contained in distinct HTML files (some of them are accompanied also by a few image files in GIF format). The Internet link

indicates a directory chosen to be the standard WWW location of the HTML and GIF files in question. All changes in the notes are done by updating the system of files in that directory (an account of some changes made after the end of the mentioned lecture courses can also be found there). Most texts contain an information about their last modification date (the information can be found near to the end of the text and indicates the moment of appearing of the file(s) with this version of the text in the standard WWW location of the notes).

You may freely make electronic or printed copies of these lecture notes or of parts of them for your personal use (with regard to this, let us mention the provided download option). However, if you make such a copy publicly accessible (by putting it on an Internet site or in some other way), please indicate the author's name and the standard WWW location of the copied material (of course, this request would be automatically granted in the case of a complete copy including the present preface).

In case you browse these lecture notes for the first time, it could be useful to begin with casting a glance at the included technical information concerning their HTML presentation. Otherwise you may directly go to the contents.

Date of the previous version: August 9, 1999
Date of the present version: February 18, 2006
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