Department of Mathematical Logic and Applications

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MSc Programme “Logic and Algorithms”

The Logic and Algorithms MSc program is aimed at graduates of Bachelor’s programmes in Mathematics and Computer Science. It offers a specialisation in the field of Mathematical Logic. During the curriculum, the students will have the opportunity to learn about the current trends in mathematical Logic. The program provides a solid theoretical background indispensable for solving non-trivial algorithmic problems in the field of Mathematics as well as in the field of Computer Science. Further information can be found here.


First semester
1. Mathematical logic ©
2. Modal logic ©
3. Set Theory ©
4. Computability and Complexity
5. Seminar in Non-classical Logics (part 1)
Second semester
1. Computability Theory ©
2. Model theory
3. Applications of Finite Automata
4. Lambda Calculus and Proof Theory
5. Logics for Space and Time: Region-based Approach
6. Applied Modal Logics
7. Seminar in Non-classical Logics (part 2)
8. Topics in Computability
9. Finite Model Theory
10. Consistency and Independence in Set Theory
Third semester
1. Descriptive Set Theory
2. Games, Logics, Models
3. Computability Theory Seminar
4. Thesis Project ©
5. Master Thesis

The subjects marked by © are compulsory.